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I’ll Be Happy When…. 0

I’ll Be Happy When….

A ramble of my thoughts… When I can’t eat food I think far too much! I should be living in the now… But how?

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Smokey Eggs and Cabbage Muffins – HCG Phase 2

  So I decided that I would give eggs a whirl this round as haven’t them before in P2 and kept seeing all these posts on one of the Facebook groups I belong too...

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HCG P2D16 – I Gained….

  Well it was bound to happen I guess either a stall or a gain.

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HCG P2D14 – The make up post…

Howdy folks, firstly my apologies for no post yesterday on measurement day, my day ended up turning into a 6 hour hospital stay with my wee boy and we didn’t get home till 1am..

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HCG Diet – Phase 2 Day 11 – Just My Update…

  I had eggs for the first time yesterday being on P2 and they didn’t make me gain or stall, in fact a nice wee 400g loss happened. I’ll post the recipe for Smokey...